We provide many national and international TV- and Music-Stars with our collection and can be seen regularly at numerous „red carpet events“.

22th Leipzig Opera Ball "Let´s dance dutch!"

More than 2.000 Guests celebrated the extravagant 22. Leipzig Opera Ball, among which were many prominent personalities from sport, culture and business.

The theme for this year’s celebration was under the motto “Let´s dance dutch!". The highlight and star guest was the pop legend Jimmy Somervill…


"Movie meets Media" in the Hotel Atlantic Hamburg”

Many prominent guests from film, media, sport and business enjoyed the pre-Christmas event which took place for the 16th time in the legendary Hotel Atlantic Kempinski. Including prominent actresses and presenters such as, Verena Wriedt, Reah Harder, Kim Sarah Brandts, Jule Gölsdorf, Wanda Perdelwit…


21. Leipzig Opera Ball - Shalom Israel!

The theme for this year’s Leipzig Opera Ball was dominated by a special anniversary: 50 Years of diplomatic relations between Israel & Germany.

On the 31. October 2015, the Israeli Ambassador celebrated this spectacular event with over 2,200 guests. Including prominent personalities from business…